"Blood Never Looked So Much Sweeter"
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Magdalena Descendants | House of Blood Series | Book 4
– this ‪#‎newbookrelease‬ is now available Paperback and Kindle.

I apologize for the delay, sincerely. I know many of you have been anticipating it’s arrival. Thank you for your patience’s.


There is a biblical shift in the balance – heaven, hell, and the vampiric world can all feel it.

The signs have finally revealed the source of the imbalance. Leading to the most compelling woman of her age and surrounded by much conspiracy theorist of her true importance’s

….Mary Magdalena…

Queen Natasha faces many problematics along the way to find out how to restore balance over the Magdalena Descendants, by discovering who they are. Along the way, Natasha receives rare gift of the most precarious position, and changing her amongst all vampires.

Chapter 4 brings you into another adventure of challenge and courage, love and hate, suspense and psychological chess play. Everything that conjures up a completely new reality and enlightenment to the vampire ferocity….

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